Review Requests

Hi there! 

If you're an author and you would like to request a review from me, then I'd be happy to help best as I can. I read the following genres:
  • New Adult Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Adult Romance
  • A combination of all three perhaps!
  • Erotica
  • Young adult
  • Thriller romance
  • Basically almost all kinds of romances
So, if you write a book for any of these genres, then you can hit me up on my email: This is the preferable way, otherwise, you can also message me on my Goodreads account.

If you want a review, please attach the following and answer the questions:
  • Synopsis
  • Goodreads link
  • Genre
  • Standalone/Series? If series, is it the sequel or first book? 
  • When will this book be out?
  • F/M? M/M? Or others, then please specify.
  • How long is the book?
  • Is it dark/funny/angsty/emotional/etc.?
I like reading at my own pace, however, if you'd like me to post my review then you can suggest me a time when you'd want the review to be up. I'd take it into consideration and try to fit it into my schedule.

**NOTE: I might not accept all the requests that I get but I'll definitely look at all of them. If I have more questions or I'm interested in the book, then I'll definitely reply as soon as I can. I really love reading works from new authors and helping to get the word out. I will definitely post reviews up on my blog and on Goodreads.

Thanks so much!

~ Sam

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