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This may include reviews I have of the previous books, but because I read the sequels this year, I'm putting them all up here. I'm including the most memorable ones. There are some that are fantastic as well but I can't possibly recommend them all so you can check out those in the ratings on the side. THESE ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz

Holy shit! This series is the fucking best, pardon my French. My God, my God. The characters were fucking fantastic. Nora is unbelievably hilarious and probably my favorite heroine of all time. The other characters are so amazing as well! Don’t even get me started on the plot. I gave all the full novels in this series 5 HUGE STARS!!! So, yeah, most definitely recommended.

Reading order: The Gift [novella] (R)  The Siren (R) The Angel (R) ✧ The Prince (RThe Mistress (R)

Real Series by Katy Evans

OHMYGOD! OHMYGOOOD! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Remington “Riptide” Tate! This man will blow your mind (in more ways than one!) and will make you fall in love with him over and over again. This is definitely one of my most favorite series of the year. So fucking fantastic! Even the supporting characters were amazing, looking forward to the next ones! Fighter romance!!!

Reading order: REAL (R✧ Mine (R✧ Remy (R✧ Raw [29 July 2014] ✧ Ripped [16 Dec 2014]


Monsters in the Dark Series by Pepper Winters

One of the best debut novels of 2013. I was blown away. Abso-fucking-lutely blown away. The plotline was twisted and dark. The ideas and themes can get terrifying with the sex market. But, man oh man, the delectable Mr. Q and the sweet Tess. Warning: This is a dark novel which includes themes on sex slavery. Seriously, do not read it if you feel uncomfortable with these things. But, such a damn good series!
Reading order: Tears of Tess (R✧ Quintessentially Q (RTwisted Together [March 2014]


Hopeless Series by Colleen Hoover

I've been such a huge fan of Colleen Hoover since the Slammed series. She's always been one to delve into life-changing themes in her books and I love that! This new series of hers is just as beautifully written. All of the books in the series are worth reading. Plus, Dean Holder is a cutie ;)

Reading order: Hopeless ✧ Losing Hope (R) ✧ Finding Cinderella [novella: FREE!] (R)


Love Me with Lies Series by Tarryn Fisher

Although I must admit that the first book left me a blubbering mess, I continued on to the second and waited anxiously for the third. I was in love with the series. It was undeniably refreshing but frustrating too. I'm a huge fan of the characters and the plot, as well as the author's writing style and structure of the novels. 
PS. Second book's in the antagonist's POV. COOL RIGHT?!

Reading order: The Opportunist ✧ Dirty Red (R) ✧ Thief (R)


Joy Series by Jenni Moen

I remember getting this book as an ARC and this was the first ever book that I got from an author that I gave 5 stars to! It was beautifully written, compelling and struck me deep to the core. It was an emotional roller coaster but I enjoyed every minute of it. Easily one of my favorites this year.

Reading order: Remembering Joy (R✧ Finding Joy (R)


Collide Series by Gail McHugh

Collide is hands-down one of my most favorite series this year. It was heartfelt and intense. Terrifying and heartbreaking. But still such lovely, romance-filled books. I fell in love with Gavin and Emily over and over. I honestly fell more in love with Emily than Gavin in Pulse. The characters were fantastically developed! Can't imagine the series ending any other way.

Reading order: Collide ✧ Pulse (R)


Ten Tiny Breaths Series by K.A. Tucker

SWEET JESUS!!! Now this is what I call the series. K.A. Tucker is one of my most favorite authors of all-time. Meaning, her books are the kind of books that I can read over and over again without getting bored. The stories are intense and heartfelt and not only about the romance between the characters but also about the characters themselves. YES, YES, YES, DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!!!
Reading order: Ten Tiny Breaths (R✧ One Tiny Lie (R) Four Seconds to Lose (R) [2014] ✧ Five Ways to Fall [24 June 2014]


Wait for You Series by J. Lynn

I've been such a huge fan of J. Lynn aka Jennifer L. Armentrout since I read Tempting the Best Man. This book was a masterpiece. It's absolutely one of my top 10 books this year. I absolutely loved it. It's sweet, heart-wrenching and hilarious too! The characters were perfection and so is this book ;D

Reading order: Wait for You ✧ Trust in Me (R) Be With Me [4 Feb 2014]


Broken Series by Kimberly Lauren

EASILY ONE OF MY TOP 5 BOOKS THIS YEAR. The first book that is. I was so in love with Emerson and Jax that I gave them 6 out of 5 stars. Yes, it was that good. Jase's book is great as well but I must say I was just addicted to Beautiful Broken Rules. Such a fantastic book, really. Refreshing, sweet, heartbreaking. All of my favorites!
Reading order: Beautiful Broken Rules (R✧ Beautiful Broken Mess (R) Beautiful Broken Promises [2014]


I've read so many fantastic standalones this year. Here, I'll list down my top favorites and clicking on the covers will lead you to my reviews, unless I read the book this year but I didn't write the review. A book of the series meaning only one of the series have been reviewed or read. THESE ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.


Enjoy reading! ❤ Sam 

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