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[Review] Pulse - Gail McHugh

Released: July 9th, 2013

How do you keep existing when your heart is so splintered, so completely torn to shreds, your pulse is fading?

You're… broken. How do you move forward when every breath is nothing more than a constant ache? Living becomes an insidious reminder that you threw away the single largest part of yourself. Your… soul. No amount of distraction can pull you from the torture of losing you… life.

Now that Emily Cooper has walked away from her first love, she finds herself running toward her only love. Unraveling fast, but clinging to hope, Emily risks all she has left on the man that has consumed her every thought and dream since the day they met. Will Gavin take her back? And if so, will their reunion be a collision of two hearts destined to complete one another and rekindle a love that knew no boundaries? Or will scars from their past rip open, tearing slowly at what each of them was meant to be? Can fate, the ultimate game changer, mend the shattered road it laid out from the start?

Only time will tell…


"Our past is imperfect, but our future's breathtaking."

All I felt was pure, unadulterated love for this book. I fell in love with Emily and Gavin in Collide because they've always been the right-person-wrong-time kind of couple. They're such a great ship even though it may seem pretty normal in the first book. The love they share in this one is mind-blowing. I laughed, cried, grinned at every single moment they shared.
"We were written for one another, and I wouldn't change one line in our romance novel. The good, the bad, the in between. It's ours. We own it."
I don't think I've ever read about a couple who's more obsessed for the other than them. Well, maybe I have but right now none of them comes to mind. I'm still stupidly grinning over their adorableness.

At first, I thought Emily was going to turn into one of those stupid girls who just gives up and lies around waiting for the guy to come back to her. I had a bad feeling initially that I was going to hate Emily's change of character in this book. BUT THANK JESUS CHRIST. Gail McHugh knew better than to turn Emily into a whiny girl-in-love. Can we have a round of applause for this first please?
clapping gif
Thank you. Now, moving on to Emily again. She's such a strong character. You should've seen my surprise when I realized that she was actually chasing after Gavin. My God, I was like, "YES! YES! YOU SMART GIRL! YOU GO GLEN COCO!" I was so damn proud okay.
"Something inside me told me I was supposed to be with you, but I fought against it. So many things about you scared me at first, and then you showed me who you really are. Please forgive me for fighting against us, Gavin. Please forgive me for not fighting for us when I knew we were supposed to be together."
She actually admitted her mistakes! If she just sat around, waiting for Gavin to come around, it probably would've been too late and she would end up wallowing in self-pity.

That would've sucked. Ass.

But, she didn't! So, thank you, Emily. She was an awesome character throughout the whole book honestly. I loved how selfless she was and how much she truly cared about Gavin. She had her insecurities but instead of burying them deep down and causing misunderstandings, she actually talks to Gavin about it.

And then there's Gavin. Super shmexy. Super sweet. Super duper awesome. He is the perfect boyfriend. He goes alpha caveman 24/7 but he doesn't just shove around people impulsively. He's so considerate of Emily and her feelings. We could see how much he truly was head-over-heels for her.
"Clichéd or not, her smile lit up the room like a ball of fire in a darkened sky. Clichés were created for her. End of story."
"You can drive every stick I own whenever you want."
His "showdown" with Dillon?

Rock and roll my man.

I was so damn proud of the way he handled everything. Yes, he lost his temper at times, but then again, who doesn't? But, the ending? The way he took care of shit. A+++. I give him a million applauses.

The thing that I completely salute to in their relationship is their complete trust in each other. Whenever they have problems or issues - even teeny tiny uncertainties - they always talk to each other and work things out. This way, no misunderstandings would be caused. When they let the other blindfold them, I think that's just the ultimate sign of trust. You have to fully give up your sight and, giving up what you see means that you trust the person completely.

This book was just so good. Gail McHugh added minor conflicts to most of them but resolved them in the same chapter so it doesn't sound too dramatic. And when it seems that it's all going to fall apart, she just saves the book.

Don't get me started on the love quotes. Jesus, this whole book is a quote.

Minor Faults:
  • She pulled a my-English-teacher-hates-this-thing in one scene and I must say I did too. I was slightly pissed but glad. You'll find out when you read it.
  • Two many lists like "One: bla bla bla, two: bla bla bla" or "First: bla bla bla, secondly: bla bla bla" 


I was close to giving it a 4.5 but I loved it way too much \(^o^)/

About The Author:

Gail McHugh has always been a lover of writing, but mostly dabbled in creating poetry while raising her three beautiful children. She is grateful for her husband of fifteen year's presence. Without his help, writing would be an impossible endeavor. In late June 2012, she felt the urgent need to write and she began writing one of her first novels, Collide.

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