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REVIEW: Then Came Alexandra (Southern Love #1) – E.L. Todd

Released: April 2014

"You’re everything to me. More than everything."


After a horrific accident working as a nurse in the emergency room, Alexandra becomes reclusive to the world around her. Unable to be speak or function, she pushes away her boyfriend, Paul, of two years. Her distance causes him to spend time with someone else…the betrayal causes her to pack her bags and leave everything behind. She doesn’t know what comfort she’ll find in Savannah, Georgia, but she flees anyway.


After inheriting the most lucrative cotton field in the south, Blaise has to become a man early in life. He spends his nights with different girls, knowing they are after his money and his special abilities in the bedroom, but he makes a serious mistake with Danielle. Now she lives with him and he guards a secret that he promises to keep…even though that secret is destroying his life. When Alexandra comes into town, her smile and compassion evident, Blaise wants her, and not just in a physical way. Unable to keep his distance, he falls for her, not knowing how long he can keep his secret…
"Life is unexpected in that way. It's why the world is so wonderful."

Then Came Alexandra was a rather frustrating read. Although I loved Blaise's character with his strength and honor, Alexandra's character wasn't much to my admiration. The plot itself had great potential, and although the characters all wowed me in a way, it was somewhat underdeveloped. But, of course, I have to admit that the sex was hot. 

First, I want to apologize to E.L. Todd because this review took so long. I finally got around to reading this book after weeks of school assignments. My sincerest apologies. [bows]

Blaise's character was intriguing for me. He was temperamental (not in an abusive way) but he stuck to his honorable ways. Even though Danielle pissed him – and me – off, he threatened to let her go so many times but he couldn't do it due to his moral values. I loved that side of him. It was vulnerable yet sturdy. However, it got annoying at times when he was too weak that Danielle had power over him.

Alexandra's character on the other hand was harder to love. She was irrational and unjust. 

Exhibit A: Her breakup with Paul
I understood Paul's reasons and when he explained in the end, I was like, "SEE! SEE! This is it!" Alex was unbelievably stubborn to the point that she was selfish and refused to listen to Paul's reasoning. I hated her in this part because I was rooting for Paul the whole way despite the fact that he "cheated" on her. They were together for two years yet she jumped to conclusions.

Exhibit B: Her and Blaise
I was excited when they (FINALLY) got together. The first half was unexciting with no passion or connection then they just jumped into sex. What. The. Fuck. But anyway, in the last parts of the book, I thought that she was being really unfair which sucked ass.

Exhibit C: Her and New York
Okay, I get it. You fucked up there but STOP AVOIDING IT. Like, can you not?

BUT I loved Paul's character surprisingly. Even though he was only in like two chapters of the book, I really admired his determination and loyalty to Alex even though she doesn't deserve it one bit. Paul is the sweetest character in the book. And he's probably the only one who can actually control her
"Take responsibility for your actions, Alexandra. Stop running away every time life is hard, stop shutting people out as soon as disaster strikes. You were irresponsible and cold towards me and our relationship. I'm sorry for what I did. I really am. But you owe me a big apology."

YES! YES! YES! This is the key moment where finally everything goes right. YES! I'm just so happy with this part because Blaise did not have the balls to tell her to grow the fuck up but Paul does! YES!!!!

3.5 APPLES!!!!!

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♕ Then Came Alexandra (Southern Love #1) ♕
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♕ Then Came Indecision (Southern Love #2) ♕

Amazon Bestselling author, E. L. Todd, was raised in sunny California where she still lives today, claiming it’s the best place in the country. Easily hypothermic and hateful of the cold, she prefers to be warm all year round. She attended California State University, Stanislaus and received her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, but still pursued her dream to be a writer. She’s written several novels and many series’, and her imagination can’t seem to stop. She tries to find the good in people and she exploits that in her writing, proving that people can make mistakes and rise above their past. Her hobbies include sunbathing, swimming, eating at Surf Taco in San Diego, reading, and learning everything she can about hippopotamuses’, her favorite creature. Her greatest dream is to make people forget about the harshness of reality and dive into a good story with lovable people. When fans tell her they love her work, it gives her the greatest sense of accomplishment.

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REVIEW: Off the Record (Record #1) – K.A. Linde

Released: March 11th, 2014

Liz Dougherty has no idea a single question is about to change her life.

Her first big reporting assignment for her North Carolina college newspaper has her covering a state senator’s impromptu press conference. Brady Maxwell may have everything it takes to be a politician—a winning pedigree, devastating good looks, a body made to wear suits—but his politics rub Liz the wrong way. When Liz’s hard-hitting question catches the upstart senator off-guard, it impresses Hayden Lane, Liz’s editor who feels she’s headed for a promising career as a reporter.

But Liz is also headed into a secret romance with Brady that could destroy both their ambitions. Though he’s a bachelor, potential voters might frown on Brady cozying up to a reporter. And Liz isn’t sure sneaking around is enough for her—especially when things between her and Hayden might be less platonic than she thought.

Sleek, sexy, and smart, Off the Record ventures into a high-stakes campaign and an even higher-stakes affair to answer the question: When politics and love collide, can there ever be a winner?
"In an endless sea of overindulgence, find time to indulge in something worthwhile and make an informed, educated decision for yourself. What matters to you in here, will matter to you out there."
Although the novel had a rocky beginning, and middle, and close to the end, the ending of the novel was what won me over. Liz and Brady pissed me off throughout the whole thing but the way they matured in the end was absolutely flawless. The character development in the book was shaky but very well ended in the last chapter.

In all honesty, I've only read two of K.A. Linde's books. Although both had such great ideas and great plots, I've never found myself rooting for the main couple. Or hell, for the main character. 

Liz Dougherty is an example of a typical heroine that I would loathe both in the fictional world and in real life. She is weak with no resolution and easily influenced. Although in the beginning she leaves such a strong impression of an independent, intelligent woman, after meeting Brady, all her resolve goes out the window.

I was so angry with her character development. She gave him a question on politics that absolutely stunned him at the start. I thought that, "Holy shit, this girl is my kind of girl." However, how she changed after meeting Brady, was unbelievably shitty.

Brady was her number one priority. Maybe it was supposed to be that way but I wasn't a huge fan of it, especially of the fact that she did not realize herself that she was putting Brady above all else. What pissed me off the most was her lack of willpower. After every argument they have, even though it's Brady's fucking fault, she would apologize. Woman, you do not apologize for something you didn't do.

For example:
Liz: “We aren’t doing what we started out doing anymore. If you want the girl who you met in May, then sorry… she’s long gone.”
Brady: “You’re not leaving, Liz. I don’t want that girl. I want you. Do you hear me? I want you.”
And that was at the end of a chapter. By the next one, on the very first page:
Liz: "[whispers] I want you too."

Brady was similar to Liz. Initially, I admired him because he was this influential political figure and he was well-prepared for his future. He was also very romantic and sweet. 

And then it just went downhill from there. He became overbearing, over-controlling, possessive, sex-crazed douchebag. All he wanted from her was the fucking sex and it was as if she was just some tool. Even though others managed to convince her of his bullshit, I was just thinking: "You actually believe that fuckery?" 

[insert deep sigh here]

But, the good thing was, the ending. The ending just totally nailed it right on the head. Liz finally matures and realizes what she had to do. I fell in love with the ending. It wasn't overdramatic, like her screaming at him and throwing shit at his face, but it was more like a resolution. Yes, it was a cliffy. 

The ending just saved the whole damn book. I am definitely looking forward to the next one but if this problem gets solved in the first few pages - and she fALLS PUTTY INTO HIS HANDS AGAIN, I SWEAR. I hate books that had so much potential for its sequel but it just sucks. Even in this book, there were so many issues and conflicts that could've been developed from their political constraints as well as their inexperience. But it was never done.

So yes, what I'm hoping for in the second book:
  • Character development (MUST MUST MUST)
  • REAL problems instead of childish arguments
  • Plot development too


3 – 3.25 APPLES!!!!!

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♕ Off the Record (Record #1) ♕
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♕ On the Record (Record #2) // pre-order [26 Aug 2014]

K.A. Linde graduated with her Masters in political science from the University of Georgia in 2012. She also has a bachelors in political science and philosophy. She wrote her the Avoiding Series while struggling through advanced statistical modeling and writing her thesis. She enjoys dancing and writing novels that keep you guessing until the very end.

She currently resides in Georgia with her boyfriend and two puppies, Lucy and Riker.

Check her out in these sites:

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WoW: Fall from India Place (On Dublin Street #4) – Samantha Young

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine to spotlight releases that we're looking forward to! Here is my choice this week...

Fall from India Place

Title: Fall from India Place
Author: Samantha Young
Is it a sequel? Book #4 of the On Dublin Street Series
Release Date: June 3rd, 2014
The New York Times bestselling author of On Dublin Street and Down London Road returns with a story about letting go of the past and learning to trust in the future…

When Hannah Nichols last saw Marco D’Alessandro, five long years ago, he broke her heart. The bad boy with a hidden sweet side was the only guy Hannah ever loved—and the only man she’s ever been with. After one intense night of giving into temptation, Marco took off, leaving Scotland and Hannah behind. Shattered by the consequences of their night together, Hannah has never truly moved on.

Leaving Hannah was the biggest mistake of Marco’s life, something he has deeply regretted for years. So when fate reunites them, he refuses to let her go without a fight. Determined to make her his, Marco pursues Hannah, reminding her of all the reasons they’re meant to be together.…

But just when Marco thinks they’re committed to a future together, Hannah makes a discovery that unearths the secret pain she’s been hiding from him, a secret that could tear them apart before they have a real chance to start over again…

My Comments:
YEEES THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR MY WHOLE LIFE. Samantha Young rarely disappoints me with her work. Although BJL wasn't as good as the previous two, it was still pretty good. I'm hoping this one will be better!

What are YOUR choices this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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BLOG TOUR: Last Second Chance (Second Chance #1) – Caisey Quinn + Review, giveaway & character interview!

Released: May 12th, 2014

When Stella Jo Chandler gets an offer to work at the Second Chance Ranch celebrity rehab facility right after graduating from Texas A&M, she’s tempted to turn it down. She wants to help real people with real problems, not spoiled celebrities going on vacation for publicity. But growing up on her family’s ranch left her with a love of horses that draws her to the opportunity. How bad can babysitting a bunch of strung out celebrities be?

What she didn’t count on was being roped into a tangled mess with infamous rocker and three-time rehab drop out Van Ransom on her first day. And she sure didn’t expect to feel the overwhelming attraction that pulls her to the man who has more issues than she can count on both hands. Like the hotel rooms and tour buses he’s famous for trashing, the havoc he could wreak on Stella’s heart would be irreparable.

Van isn’t at Second Chance for publicity or because he’s suffering from “exhaustion”. He’s on the brink of destruction, and he needs the kind of help Stella isn’t sure she can give. But without her, he'll lose everything. Because he’s on his last second chance.
"Some sins are worth it."

Caisey Quinn has impressed me once again. Last Second Chance was an emotional roller coaster I had the pleasure of riding. The chemistry between Stella Jo and Van was off the charts and the way they connected just touched me deeply. Aside from handling the pressures of being together at present time, they are also each fighting demons of their own. Beautiful!

This book was absolutely fantastic! I finished it in a day (which I don't usually do cause I'm so busy).

Stella Jo is a strong, independent woman. She can be sweet and also sassy. However, she's a stubborn character who's still dealing with problems from her past – dealing as in running away from them. But I love how she's not afraid to admit that she's wrong. 
"I've been unfair to you and… And no one's guaranteed tomorrow, right?"
Then we also have Van Ransom. Before getting into rehab, he was on a self-destructive warpath. Like Stella, Van hasn't fully released the issues from his past and they were tying him down. But he's a man who knows what he wants and he works his ass off to get it, no matter what the cost. Although yes that's a bit reckless, you can't deny that he's determined.

And my God, the things he says:
"Baby, I am always hot for you. I've been burning the fuck up since the first time I laid eyes on you." 

Together, they create such a strong bond that blows my mind away. I love these two together because they have the kind of relationship where one changes the other in a good way. They're not destructive together. It's just wow.


4.25 APPLES!!!!!

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♕ Last Second Chance (Second Chance #1) 
Today, we've got Van Ransom here for an interview with Rolling Stone. Check out what Van has to say below! — Sam

VAN RANSOM: Mad Man or Just Misunderstood?


RS: Hello, Mr. Ransom. It’s nice to meet you.

Van: Is it? *leans back in chair and folds heavily inked arms* What would you say is particularly nice about it?

RS: Um, well…your band, Hostage for Ransom, has had an amazing year. That must be pretty exciting to be a part of. How has the past year been for you?

Van: *snorts* Honestly I can’t remember most of it.

RS: *checks notecards* When you say you can’t remember, you mean…

Van: I mean I was dropped on my head a lot as a kid and I have short-term memory deficit.

RS: Okay. Perhaps you should see a doctor.

Van: Perhaps I should. I’ll look right into that.

RS: Mr. Ransom, surely your aware of the rumors circulating.

Van: Can’t say I am. Don’t have a habit of paying attention to rumors.

RS: Ah well, of course not. I just meant that, with all the media speculation, surely you’re aware that there have been mumblings about the possibility of your label, Red Devil Records, dropping you due to the incident last year in Vegas.

Van: I was in Vegas last year? Well, damn. Kind of wish I did remember that.

RS: Let’s take this opportunity to lay the rumors to rest then. Did you or did you not wreck a ten thousand dollar a night hotel room?

Van: *raises and eyebrow* That’s what they tell me.

RS: Any idea why you might’ve done something like that? Did you have a fight with someone? Another member of your band perhaps?

Van: *huffs out a harsh laugh* The only person I fight with is the voice in my head. So yeah, maybe he pissed me off.

RS: And the bus?
Van: *narrows eyes* What about it?

RS: Want to tell your fans why you trashed your tour bus last week and canceled two shows in New York?

Van:  There was…New York is… You know what? On top of all the shit I can’t remember, I have no recollection of agreeing to this interview. I think we’re done here.
*stands abruptly, knocking over chair and is followed out by his manager and a publicist*

Van Ransom, ladies and gentlemen. Mad man or just misunderstood? We can’t be sure. Guess you’ll just have to decide for yourself. 
Caisey Quinn lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals. She is the bestselling author of the Kylie Ryans series as well as several New Adult Romance novels featuring country girls finding love in unexpected places. You can find her online at . 

Check her out in these sites:

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BLOG TOUR: All Lined Up (Rusk University #1) – Cora Carmack + Review & giveaway!

Released: May 13th, 2014

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Carmack follows up her trio of hits—Losing It, Faking It, and Finding It—with this thrilling first novel in an explosive series bursting with the Texas flavor, edge, and steamy romance of Friday Night Lights.

In Texas, two things are cherished above all else—football and gossip. My life has always been ruled by both.

Dallas Cole loathes football. That's what happens when you spend your whole childhood coming in second to a sport. College is her time to step out of the bleachers, and put the playing field (and the players) in her past.

But life doesn't always go as planned. As if going to the same college as her football star ex wasn’t bad enough, her father, a Texas high school coaching phenom, has decided to make the jump to college ball… as the new head coach at Rusk University. Dallas finds herself in the shadows of her father and football all over again.

Carson McClain is determined to go from second-string quarterback to the starting line-up. He needs the scholarship and the future that football provides. But when a beautiful redhead literally falls into his life, his focus is more than tested. It's obliterated.

Dallas doesn't know Carson is on the team. Carson doesn't know that Dallas is his new coach's daughter.

And neither of them know how to walk away from the attraction they feel.
"Sometimes it's hard to see past our own broken pieces."

All Lined Up is Cora Carmack at her best. The build up of their connection was slow yet intense. It wasn’t rushed or forced. The chemistry between Carson and Dallas flowed ever so smoothly, with a few bumps they got over along the way. This book is definitely one of my favorites of this year!

The book lived up to my expectations. Cora Carmack always develops the characters completely both individually and as a couple before they really get their happily ever after. Both Dallas and Carson had their own demons and problems to solve, and so, with this book, that was exactly what they did.

Dallas Cole has always lived in her father’s shadow – hell, even to her father, she came second after football. She had loved the sport once until it slowed down her dreams and career. That’s why she refused to have any connection with the sport. Ever. Especially not football players.
And I . . . I’m still stuck. In my father’s shadow. In Texas. In this lame state school with a joke of a dance program.
I couldn’t imagine how she must’ve felt. I mean, if I was her, I’d be extremely pissed. But Dallas holds it all inside and she probably doesn’t realize that her lack of communication with her father is also one of the reasons why her father doesn’t get what she’s going through, especially considering how protective she is.

Then there’s Carson who has problems of his own. Carson’s not as privileged as Dallas, and so it’s difficult for him to keep up his grades and also play football for Rusk. He wants to achieve the best but it’s hard for him to also stay on scholarship. He cannot be sidetracked by a girl. Especially not his coach’s daughter.

Yet, through all that, they managed to work things out.
I can’t walk away from you because I don’t want to. There are a thousand things I want and need to do, but you trump all of them.” — Carson
My God, how do you not love this man?

And one of my favorite quotes from the book:
"Do you ever think that maybe that's all people do? Fix some things and break others? And we all just live in this giant cycle where we screw things up and hurt people we love, and then we turn around and try to atone for that by fixing other things. And maybe we're all just waiting on our turn for a broken heart and the person who will fix it."


4.5 APPLES!!!!!

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Signed copies of ALL LINED UP for 5 Winners!
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Cora Carmack is a twenty-something writer who likes to write about twenty-something characters. She's done a multitude of things in her life-- boring jobs (like working retail), Fun jobs (like working in a theatre), stressful jobs (like teaching), and dream jobs (like writing). She enjoys placing her characters in the most awkward situations possible, and then trying to help them get a boyfriend out of it. Awkward people need love, too. Her first book, LOSING IT, is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller.

Check her out in these sites:

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