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Woohoo! This time, I'm going to get started early planning out my favorite books for this year. Otherwise, I'd end up doing it the next year instead :P So here they are so far:
NOTE: I will continue to add more to the list as I find more favorites!


There are some that still have more books in the series, which hasn't been released yet and probably will this year. I will keep updating them. THESE ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

Dream Man Series by Kristen Ashley

If you're a huge fan of alpha males, then this is the series for you. Four novels. Four hot men. Four super awesome stories. I finished all the books and oh God, I LOVE THEM ALL. Tack's still my favorite though ;) but read all the books. These men will melt your panties right off. Oh, btw, includes intense scenes, which are HOT sex and drama!
Reading order: Mystery Man (R Wild Man (R Law Man (R Motorcycle Man (R)


Colorado Mountain Series by Kristen Ashley

Let me tell you this, Kristen Ashley is THE BEST – and I do mean THE BEST – at making alpha males. This series incorporates romance and mystery/thriller into it that makes it for an ah-may-zing BUNCH! I kid you not, I did not plan to read the whole series but, well, I fucking did. So, yes, go read it!

Reading order: The Gamble (R Sweet Dreams (R Lady Luck (R Motorcycle Man (RJagged Kaleidoscope


Fixed Series by Laurelin Paige

I think this is the only series that gets better and better with each book. I am going to honestly say that I was not at all disappointed with the series. Not only was there romance between such amazing characters, with the fantastic supporting characters too, and the smoking sex, but there are also real problems with their past. AND THE ENDING!!! Holy crap, I can't breathe. Read it!

Reading order: Fixed On You (R✧ Found In You (R✧ Forever With You (R)


Ten Tiny Breaths Series by K.A. Tucker

SWEET JESUS!!! Now this is what I call the series. K.A. Tucker is one of my most favorite authors of all-time. Meaning, her books are the kind of books that I can read over and over again without getting bored. The stories are intense and heartfelt and not only about the romance between the characters but also about the characters themselves. YES, YES, YES, DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!!!
Reading order: Ten Tiny Breaths (R✧ One Tiny Lie (R✧ Four Seconds to Lose (R) [2014] ✧ Five Ways to Fall [24 June 2014]


Crow's Row Series by Julie Hockley

Crow's Row
 was a book I read years ago and we finally have a sequel now (FINALLY!!!). It did not disappoint even though it was slightly too frustrating. However, such a fucking great read! Julie Hockley has done it again ;)

Reading order: Crow's Row ✧ Scare Crow (R)


Innocence Series by Alessandra Torre

Alessandra Torre has wowed me with her knack for taboo or unique kinds of romances with smoking hot sex. And with the Innocence series, she again just blows me away with the mind-blowing situations and interesting plot twists. Definitely one of my favorite series this year!

Reading order: Blindfolded Innocence (R✧ Masked Innocence (R✧ The End of Innocence (R)


Sex on the Beach Series by 3 Authors

This is a set of novellas about three girls heading off to Key West for spring break. And it's all their first times! It's a very sweet set and I loved each and every story dearly. Totally worth checking out.

Unspecific Reading order: Between Us (R✧ Before You (R✧ Beyond Me (R)


Eeep! So far, I've read pretty great books this year. I'll list the ones that I've made reviews of since it's still early. By the end of the year, if there are still books I haven't reviewed but I've read, I'll link them to amazon. THESE ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.


Enjoy these awesome reads! ❤ Sam 

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