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REVIEW: Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street #3) – Samantha Young

Released: January 7th, 2014

One simple lesson in seduction between two friends can turn into so much more… 

Despite her outgoing demeanor, Olivia is painfully insecure around the opposite sex—usually, she can’t get up the nerve to approach guys she’s interested in. But moving to Edinburgh has given her a new start, and, after she develops a crush on a sexy postgrad, she decides it’s time to push past her fears and go after what she wants.

Nate Sawyer is a gorgeous player who never commits, but to his close friends, he’s as loyal as they come. So when Olivia turns to him with her relationship woes, he offers to instruct her in the art of flirting and to help her become more sexually confident.

The friendly education in seduction soon grows into an intense and hot romance. But then Nate’s past and commitment issues rear their ugly heads, and Olivia is left broken-hearted. When Nate realizes he’s made the biggest mistake of his life, he will have to work harder than he ever has before to entice his best friend into falling back in love with him—or he may lose her forever…
"Lines were being blurred, and other lines were actually being crossed. There were a lot of lines and none of them were of a solid consistency."
A beautiful love story about two friends and about overcoming their insecurities and past in order to move on into the future. An emotional roller coaster that had me hooked and I loved it! It was simple and a pretty typical love story, yet Samantha Young writes it in such a way that you have to keep reading.

Although I must confess that this book comes off as a disappointment compared to her previous published books, I have to also blame my sister. I'm easily influenced and, while she read, she kept giving the book comments. So, yes, I viewed it through her eyes after that and it pissed me off. Note to self: READ THE BOOK BEFORE MY SISTER DOES.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, I wished my sister would shut up while she was reading so I could enjoy the book better. Truthfully, I really liked it. The previous two books in the series were beautifully intense but this one had a simpler and sweeter aura to it that just made me giggle all the way through.

Olivia is a girl that most girls could relate to. We can feel what she feels because we've all probably been through all her insecurities and fears. We know the pressure of society these days on their perspective of beauty. So, yes, I can definitely empathize with Olivia.

But I loved how strong her character was. Even though my sister thought that she was too self-pitying, I thought that the amount of insecurity she had was just right. She knew what she hated and she knew that sometimes she even got pissed at herself.
"I don't want to be the person who looks in the mirror and hates what she sees, or be the person that moans about how she can't interact with a guy long enough to secure a date. That's not a good person to be, Nate."
This is why I like Olivia's character. I definitely agree with her here. I don't like people who moan on and on about how they can't get a guy but they can't be bothered to get off their asses to even try. YOU CAN'T DEPEND ON FATE, GUYS! Soulmates is such a bullshit idea if you don't even break your back trying to find them.

This next quote contains slight spoilers:
"But he won't ever allow himself to love me the way he loved Alana. She was his big love. I want to be someone's big love, Dad. I think I deserve to have the man I love love me back just as much."
I wanted to high five her right then!
I LOVE HOW SHE ADMITS THIS! I LOVE IT!!! She's grown up now as this is towards the end of the book. Liv's grown up and realized that everyone should get the best when they actually deserve it. 

One of the best thing about Liv's character is the way she develops from a seemingly teenage girl who has all these negative thoughts about her body to a confident woman who is wise and mature. She knows how to handle herself.

Nate's character is also a favorite of mine because he was sort of complex, not as complex as Braden, but more complex than Cam I think. He has his issues and I love how he talks to Olivia about his problems and they're just best friends. That's the best kind of relationship to have. 

And he can also be sweet too at times.
"Liv's perfect. She deserves perfect. She won't be settling for anything less."
God, I am swooooning.

AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP! God, even people notice! It's quite adorable really.

“You’re that couple,” [Ben] told me softly.
“What couple?” I snapped.
“The couple who are a couple even when they’re not being a couple.”
Basically, a pretty damn great book overall. Not as good as the author's usual ones but a generally great read ;)

4.25 – 4.5 APPLES!!!!!

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Samantha Young is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author from Stirlingshire, Scotland. She's been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award 2012 for Best Author and Best Romance for her international bestseller ON DUBLIN STREET. ON DUBLIN STREET is Samantha's first adult contemporary romance and has sold in twenty-five countries.

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