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BLOG TOUR: Tempo – Kelley Maestas + Review, giveaway, excerpt & teaser!

Released: December 3rd, 2013

What happens when the tempo of your life is destroyed by circumstances out of your control? Do you give up and give in, or do you fight to get your life back?

Karlie McKenna is facing a dilemma, does she continue to follow her safe but celibate lifestyle or does she race toward a new beginning? Summoned to the boss’ office she has no option but to head to Las Vegas for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Vincent Scarpetti has been running from his own demons. Attempting to right the wrongs in his past, Scarpetti searches for his freedom in Tempo, the newest and most anticipated resort in Las Vegas.

Set on a collision course, can they survive the impact?

Tensions rise as the lines between conference room and bedroom blur. Will Vincent offer Karlie what she wants? Can Karlie give Vincent what he needs?

"Ready to play, Karlie?"

Whew, this book was filled with high emotional and sexual tension. Tempo was a riveting and exciting journey. With their different backgrounds, yet both just as conflicting, Vincent and Karlie finds love in each other and manages to move on from their pasts. A beautiful and intricate romance that urged me to read on.

Wow, this book actually surprised me.

I honestly didn't have high expectations because I have never heard of the author before and I mean that in the least offensive way possible. But I'm happily surprised. I look forward to more works by Kelly Maestas.

Both characters were equally as wonderful. Karlie was this independent woman with a successful career but a horrible past that she still seems to hold on to. Until Vincent. Vincent on the other hand has a background that everyone knows about, the son of a mobster. But he's slowly building an empire of his own to give the Scarpetti name a clean slate.

But, of course, you can't avoid your past forever. When Karlie gets involved with Vincent, she is dragged into the fame that the Scarpetti name has always had. And this, attracts unwanted attention from people from her past.

I like Karlie's character very, very much.
"I am not a victim but a survivor."
Despite all the horrible things that's happened to her in the past. Karlie has a quite positive outlook on her life. She works for a successful design company and is now slowly working her way to the top.

So, when she gets recruited for one of the biggest projects ever in LAS VEGAS, of course she agreed to go. And there she meets the alluring and dangerous Vincent Scarpetti.

Vincent on the other hand has had his name dragged through the mud no thanks to his no-good father. Not to mention, he's been repeatedly targeted because of that. But, yet, he stays strong and is determined to create this hotel/casino to bring goodness to his name.

And he's sweet too with Karlie!
"You are sorry about the tears that I made you shed? I will pay for every one of those tears for the rest of my life, Karlie."
Can you stop being so perfect?!

And I love how easy their connection was. They were bantering back and forth and it was sweet and simple. And, yet, they're as close as best friends as they were lovers, which was really fantastic.

Exhibit A of their banter:

“Let’s begin in the bathrooms, we’ll get to the bedrooms a little later.”

“I can’t wait to follow you to the bedrooms later. Carry on, Karlie.”
Exhibit B:

“When did you decide you liked me?” I ask.

“The moment you stared at my package on the plane; I knew I liked you. How could I not like a girl who obviously has an eye for quality?”


4 - 4.25 APPLES!!!!!

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My head rests against his chest. I can feel his soft kisses on the side of my face. I turn in his arms and we embrace, his strong arms envelop me. Taking my hand he leads me to the corner where our umbrella and blanket are awaiting our return. He sits with his back against the wall and pulls me to his lap. My arms go around his neck and we share a kiss. It’s a beautiful moment. Leaning my back against his chest, his arms encircle my waist. I rest my head in the crook of his neck. My bottom is nestled between his legs, the length of his firm shaft is pressing against me.

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Kelley Maestas lives in Colorado with her husband James.  She’s the proud mother of three young adults that still manage to keep her on her toes and her head spinning. They are her greatest accomplishment.

As a military wife, Kelley has toured the world like a rock star on tour. This has given her the amazing ability to unpack an entire household in three days—another crowning achievement! 
Over her life, she has been a jack-of-all-trades between Dental assisting, teaching, and running her home staging business until finally, one day, she decided to do something she was meant to do. She wrote. And she hasn’t stopped since. 

Armed with a glass of wine and her laptop, Kelley loves nothing more than to create an alternate world that any woman would want to live in.

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