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BLOG TOUR: Sex on the Beach Series – Jenna Benett, Jen McLaughlin and Jennifer Probst + Character interview & giveaway!

Before You

Released: March 4th, 2014

It’s all fun and games

I had a simple plan for spring break.

Sun, sand, and a hot guy. Sex on the beach, with no strings attached.

A chance to get rid of this pesky virginity once and for all.

And when I met Tyler McKenna, I thought I had it made.

Until someone gets hurt

But then girls started turning up at Key West landmarks. Girls who looked like me, but with one crucial difference: They’d all been drugged and relieved of their virginity.

The virginity I still have. The virginity Ty refuses to take.

And now I’ve begun to wonder whether there isn’t more to him than meets the eye.

Suddenly, sex on the beach doesn’t sound so good anymore…
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The Sex on the Beach series:
♕ Between Us by Jen McLaughlin ♕
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♕ Beyond Me by Jennifer Probst ♕
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♕ Before You by Jenna Bennett ♕
Hey there, fellow bookworms! I've got a little something special for you guys. I have the two awesome characters from Before You, Ty and Cassie here with me today ;D and I asked a few questions so check out the interview below:

Sam: So, let's start of with Ty, what was your first impression of Cassie?
Ty: Pretty. Sweet. Someone who’d get herself in trouble if I didn’t interfere. (scowls at Cassie.) Don’t you know never to turn your back on a drink in a crowded bar?
Cassie: Now I do. And anyway, I was fine. If you hadn’t talked to me that night, nothing that happened later, would have happened. So it’s all your fault.
Ty: If I hadn’t talked to you that night, we wouldn’t be here now.
Sam: [clears throat] Now, Cassie, if you had to describe Ty in one word, what would it be?
Cassie: Hot. Or maybe cute. Or sweet. No, wait. I know. Hero! (Ty blushes and murmurs something. She reaches out to pat his hand.) Well, you are to me.
Sam: You guys are too cute! What are your ideas of dream dates?
Ty: I’m not difficult. I just want Cassie. And a couple hours off duty.

Cassie: Moonlight. And sex on the beach.

Ty: You’re kidding.

Cassie: Of course. It’s going to be a long time until I’m comfortable going on the beach again. Especially at night. I still want you, though.

Sam: Last but not least, do you guys believe in the idea of love at first sight?

Cassie: Of course.

Ty: Really?

Cassie: It happened to us, didn’t it?

Ty: Did it? (Cassie scowls at him. He grins.) Just kidding.

Sam: Wow, you guys are beyond adorable! Thank for you for being here today :D

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