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BLOG TOUR: Fighting Fate - Linda Kage + REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!!!

Released: July 28th, 2013

*New Adult Romance*

Forgiving your brother's murderer may be noble, but falling in love with him borders on betrayal.

When Paige Zukowski enrolls at Granton University in honor of her dead brother, she has no idea fate will land her on the same campus with the very guy who killed him. But Logan Xander isn't quite the murderer she's always believed him to be.

A day hasn't passed since the tragedy that Logan doesn't wish he could go back and undo everything. It doesn't take Paige long to realize he's suffered as much as she has. Forgiving him for ruining her life might not be so impossible after all. But when she actually starts to like him and realizes he likes her in return, their true anguish begins.

"It doesn't matter how wrong it is or how much I fight it, I'm drawn to you. I can't get you out from under my skin."
Fighting Fate was an immensely wonderful read. It was intense and heart-wrenching. The characters were absolutely bewitching and the storyline was just creative and amazingly developed. I fell in love with Logan over and over again and my heart broke for the broken boy.

This book was absolutely amazing. At first, it started out sort of slow and I was a bit too lazy to continue it but as the story unfolded, I fell in love with it over and over. It was so beautiful and just so saddening. The deaths, the characters, what had happened to all of them. Fucking brilliant.

The story starts with Paige Zukowski who enrolled in Granton for her dead brother. Her dead brother whom everyone loved and adored. Her dead brother who she loved and adored. Everyone was devastated over his death. Her mother suicided and her father became an alcoholic. No one was there for her aside from her best friend, Kayla.

When she hears Logan Xander's name in one of her classes, she freaks. Of course she would. I would too if I heard that my brother's murderer entered the same school. She despises, loathes, hates, detests, and any other synonyms you can find in the thesaurus, Logan.

But as she follows his actions throughout campus, she realizes that he wasn't at all what she expects him to be. She imagined this cocky asshole who had a big mouth, spreading shit around campus, but in reality, he was a broken boy who worked his ass off for everything, who was noble, who was willing to give up whatever he was doing to make sure Paige was happy with it.

This book just tore me apart.

Every time Logan tries to do something nice for Paige, she just retaliates. She has all this pent up anger and blame inside of her that she pushes everything towards Logan. She didn't know how much he was suffering as well. So when Logan's being considerate, she's just like:

And I'm just screaming at her: "BECAUSE HE'S SUCH A NICE GUY"

Initially, I was pissed at how rude and stubborn Paige was being. But then every time I got mad, I tried putting myself in her shoes and I realized that I probably would've reacted the same way. Putting my brother's murderer and I in the same room? Not a very good idea.

Mariah: "You're the best looking guy on campus. I'm sure girls throw themselves at you constantly. Why don't you ever take what's offered?"Logan: "Because I don't deserve it."

And ughhh, he just chips me to pieces okay.
"And when he manages to smile, it almost hurts to look at him because he's still so tormented." – Paige
 Do you hear that sound? Yes, that one. It's the sound of my heart exploding.

I cried so many times during this book because I was just so heart-broken over everything. Over Paige and her brother and her family. Over Logan and his suffering. Over the whole story. Over their forbidden love.

But it's such a fantastic read overall.

Oh, and did anyone else notice the reference to Love Me with Lies series by Tarryn Fisher? ;)
"I heard the third one's the best, but I can't imagine why Caleb's the hero in that story, and he's a total tool." 
Minor Faults:
  • Slow start


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Linda is a contemporary romance author from the midwestern USA, where she lives with her wonderful husband, daughter, and nine cuckoo clocks. The eighth and final child of dairy farmers, she was forced into having a vivid imagination if she ever wanted to do something one of her siblings hadn't already tried. Feel free to visit her at her website:

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  1. YAY! I'm so glad you liked it! And I know I should say sorry for making you cry, but I'm just so tickled I could actually make someone cry by reading one of my book! Cool.

  2. "I cried so many times during this book because I was just so heart-broken over everything." - I love a book that grabs my emotions! I always feel drained afterward but that's the price for making a connection. ;) So glad to have you on the tour.

  3. This sounds like a fantastic read, thanks so much for the chance to win it!

    ~Veronica Vasquez~