Thursday, May 30, 2013

Brand new book blog!


About me: 

Hey there, bookworms, readers, etc.! I'm Samantha and I usually go by Sam. This is my book blog where I review books I've read and tell you all about it. I'm from Indonesia and, although so, I'm more of an English book fan. I like to eat, sleep, read (obviously) and do photography. I would curse at times in my reviews because I have too many feels so my apologies in advance if you feel uncomfortable by it. Hope you enjoy my blog! :D

What I read/review:

I can read almost anything. I love romance mostly, between YA and NA, sometimes erotica too. But I also absolutely adore fantasy, thriller, mystery, and more!

Rating System:

My rating system is shown on the right side of the blog. I chose apples because this is my book basket, and when I think of basket, I think of picnics, therefore I associate it with apples. I like apples.

(I don't look as crazy as Ariel in the gif, I promise)

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