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BLOG TOUR: Entangled's Embrace + Author interview!

Forged by Fate by Reese Monroe

He’s waited more than 900 years to love her…

Being the Gatekeeper to Hades is no small feat, and waiting almost a millennia to meet your mate is damn near impossible. But Theo Bradford’s mark has finally surfaced on his intended. Now all he has to do is find her and convince her to embrace her supernatural heritage.

Young genius, Sadie Nowland, has got life figured out. Graduating college at the age of eighteen and accepting a six-figure job is just what she needs to prove she’s made something of herself. But when a strange tattoo mysteriously appears on her shoulder and Theo starts talking about Mates, it catapults her neatly laid out life into chaos.

Somehow a vicious demon banished to Hades defies Theo’s vanquish and returns, setting his target on Sadie, and she is thrust into the volatile world of Shomrei warriors and a connection to Theo her brain can’t comprehend and her body can’t deny. That primal bond proves more imperative to their survival than either could have ever imagined—and just may be the key to the world’s survival.

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Sneaking Candy by Lisa Burstein

All I ever wanted was to make a name for myself as Candice Salinas, creative writing grad student at the University of Miami. Of course, secretly I already have made a name for myself: as Candy Sloane, self-published erotic romance writer. Though thrilled that my books are selling and I have actual fans, if anyone at UM found out, I could lose my scholarship…and the respect of my faculty advisor, grade-A-asshole Professor Dylan.

Enter James Walker, super-hot local barista and—surprise!—my student. Even though I know a relationship is totally off-limits, I can’t stop myself from sneaking around with James, taking a few cues from my own erotic writing…if you catch my drift. Candy’s showing her stripes for the first time in my real life, and I’ve never had so much fun. But when the sugar high fades, can my secrets stay under wraps?

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Today, I have the lovely Reese Monroe here for an interview! Check it out below:

What was your biggest influence writing this book?
I think the biggest influence for me writing this book was the concept of never knowing what life is going to throw at you. Over the past few years, life’s thrown some serious, life altering, curveballs in my direction. Some were great and some not so great. But the fact that things can change on a dime and you have to find a way to get through it—while keeping your sanity—is huge in this story. I’m a big believer that when you’re struggling or hurting, you grow the most. You walk away from the struggle different—better. 
Which character do you relate to the most? And why?
I’d have to say Sadie. I’m not an orphan or anything, but I’ve sure been an underdog like her. I think we all have at one point in our lives, right? But with Sadie, I love her strength and passion to work through all the odds stacked against her. I want to be like her!!  
I know exactly what you mean! If you didn't become a writer, what would've you done?
I would have loved to be a criminal psychologist or something along that line. When I first saw Silence of the Lambs, I said I wanted to be like Jodi Foster’s character. Yeah, well, that didn’t work out. [smiles]  If wasn’t writing and could pick a dream job, I’d say working in a bookstore. Oh wait, I DO work in a bookstore. I totally live the dream life! I get to work in a bookstore AND I get to write books for a living! Life is good!!
Now you're just making me jealous hahah. Lastly, do you have any tips for other writers out there?
Keep on writing. No matter what, keep on writing. No words are a waste. Even if they don’t get published, keep writing. It’ll help hone your skill. Get your creativity flowing. I’ve written 32 novels and I know plenty won’t see the light of day, but I don’t regret any word I’ve written. They all help me grow. 
A second tip would be to keep a teachable spirit. Always heed advice from those who’ve been around longer than you in your writing career. Take it all into consideration and learn from their writing career!

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