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[Review] Knight & Play - Kitty French

Released: November 23rd, 2012

There's only one thing in life Lucien Knight really hates, and that's husbands who cheat on their wives.

There's only one problem in Sophie Black's life. Her cheating husband…

From the moment Lucien & Sophie meet, the seal is set.

CEO of Knight Inc. Lucien Knight is catch-your-breath gorgeous and damaged by his troubled past in Norway. All grown up and relocated to London, he's built his empire of adult clubs from the ground up to become the gorgeous patron saint of the sex industry. No one knows the dark childhood secrets that have given Lucien a backbone of steel and a heart encased in ice. No one until Sophie Black, that is…

From the moment girl-next-door Sophie accepts the job as Lucien Knight's PA, she understands how Alice must have felt when she tumbled down the rabbit hole. Lucien takes her safe, vanilla life away and plunges her head first into a huge dish of fantasy flavours. Rich, spicy chocolate covered with dark, oozingly lickable sauce? Check. Tutti-fruitti with indecently red, glistening cherries on the top? Yes please.

Lucien strips away all of Sophie's inhibitions, and when he instructs her to select three new toys, she soon realises he has more than a game of Monopoly of his mind…

"Sex with Lucien was a cross between the most sweeping romantic movie and the filthiest porn flick: he was feather gentle and filthy erotic all at the same time."
This is definitely one of the sexiest erotica I've come across this year. Then again, I haven't come across many eroticas. Okay, moving on.

Kitty French's writing style plus the super sexy characters left me unblinking. It was filthy, filled with sex in almost every chapter. And I loved every bit of it. The book was undeniably sexy and I couldn't put it down (especially in the sex scenes).

Let's launch this review off with Sophie first.

Basic 5W's and 1H of Sophie: She's a married woman with a boring life with a cheating husband, yadda yadda yadda. Her life is extremely dull and vanilla until she decides to make a change by applying as Lucien's PA. Then her life went into a turmoil.

But Sophie wasn't as vanilla as she thought she was.
"The girl was eighty percent kitten and twenty percent lioness, and he considered it his mission to make her roar."
Okay, I admit, not French's best line. "Make her roar" sounded so cliché and tacky to me. But still. This described Sophie perfectly. She was all sweet and gentle on the outside, but deep inside she was like a ticking time-bomb, ready to break out of her comfort zone.

Lucien Knight. How does one begin to describe Lucien Knight?

Should I start by saying how he's a freaking billionaire? Or the fact that he works in the sex industry? Or maybe the fact that he took Sophie during their week together to freaking Norway? Maybe I should talk about how he's amazing in bed?

In the end?

Really, though, he is so fucking shmexy.
"Sex is natural and fucking beautiful. Now, forget everything else, and Get. On. That. Bed."
*readily jumps to the bed*

But he can also be a sweet asshole, which is so UNFAIR! How can you be this whole perfect package!
"Don't lie to yourself because you feel guilty, Sophie. He's cheating and you deserve better. You deserve to be adored, and you deserve to be fucked until you can't stand up."
SWEET MAMA. Someone take me now. And this is Sophie's description of Lucien.
"He was the most enigmatic man she'd ever met. On the one hand, he was a Thor-like sex warrior, perfectly at home slinking around the debaucherous outposts of his commercial empire, and on the other hand, he was a man who craved his solitude and privacy and loved this rare and extraordinary setting. It was a heady combination, and it left Sophie wanting very much to know the roots of this man who existed between two extremes."
To sum it all up, this was an amazing erotica. Beautifully and filthily written, lots of great sex, super hot guy, great read.

Minor Faults:
  • Sophie got irrational in the end. She was like super bipolar, jumping from one emotion to another.
  • THEY HAVE TOO MUCH SEX. It's sexy but then, it's like, can you get your hormones under control?



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Erotic romance writer, wine drinker, disorganised wife and mom. Also writes romantic comedy as Kat French, with 1st novel Undertaking Love out now from HarperCollins.

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