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[Review] I Stand Before You - S.R. Grey

Released: September 3rd, 2013 

When it comes to tattooed bad boys, Chase Gartner is the real deal. Partying, engaging in meaningless sex, getting into fights---Chase indulges in it all during his late teen years, thus firmly solidifying his status as a heartbreakingly gorgeous but way-too dangerous-to-trust guy in his hometown of Harmony Creek, Ohio. Then, following one fateful night of reckless decisions, Chase's actions finally catch up to him and land him in prison. 

Now, four years have passed and Chase finds himself a free man. He returns to Harmony Creek, ready to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding his shattered life. 

Things are off to a promising start when he meets Kay Stanton, a young woman with a tragic past of her own. Despite a powerful attraction, Chase and Kay are naturally hesitant to become involved. That's why friendship feels like the safest option. But when passions ignite and love blossoms, a relationship that is destined and meant to be can only be resisted for so long. When Chase and Kay finally succumb to their feelings they realize being together feels more right and true than anything they have ever experienced. 

But their love is soon tested. Chase's wild past still haunts and tempts him, and Kay is keeping a secret that could tear them apart. 

I Stand Before You is a journey of hope and forgiveness, coming to terms with the past and moving forward. But mostly it's a story of two damaged people who take a chance, open their hearts, and find true love. 

New Adult/Contemporary Romance genres. First in a series. 

***warning: contains graphic sexual situations, drug use, some violence, and profanity***
"You're putting your life back together. Building isn't breaking, Chase."
This is the first novel I've ever read by S.R. Grey and I'm quite happy to say that it was pretty damn good. The characters were honestly freaking awesome and plot? A+ I loved it! Although I loved certain aspects of the book, there were certain parts that I found boring and unnecessary. Nevertheless, quite a fun read.

I guess I was expecting too much when I read the synopsis. I mean, Chase. HELLOOOOO. He's a tattooed bad boy. That's already half my type. Plus, he's super charming. He gets into fights, I find this attractive, don't judge me. And as I quote the synopsis, "heartbreakingly gorgeous". Damn straight.

The story starts off in Chase's point of view as he is going to his usual dealer's place. I liked how he acknowledged that it was wrong but he was just in way too deep to stop himself.
"We're in the express lane to damnation, and one step closer to burning every time we travel down that fucking dirt road. I know it, he knows it."
And God, when he meets Kay?
"Kay is a sandcastle on the beach, and I'm a fucking hurricane. I'd not only wash her away, I'd fucking destroy her."
I loved how he was trying to rebuild his life despite the horrible rumors people spread. I loved how strong he was in dealing with shit.

It's just so heart-breaking to see a man who used to be so strong, aside from the drugs, seem so weak and fragile in the hands of an equally fragile girl.

But they click. That was it. They just clicked.
"Maybe we aren't so very different after all. There's good and bad in both of us, and that's what binds us together, for better or worse." 

UGHHH. They're so cute together tho.
Chase: "I'll always be trouble, Kay."Kay: "Then be my trouble."
Le sigh. Too sweet.

I found Kay really bitchy at first though. Her first impression of him was that he was troublemaker and I didn't like how judgmental she was being.
"I plan to spend my downtime keeping an eye on bad-news Gartner, making sure he doesn't do anything stupid. Like screw up… again."
Well, bitch, that's just plain rude.

Anyways, pretty great read. A good one for your free time. ;)

Minor Faults:
  • I wasn't too fond of Kay
  • The scenes were too bland sometimes



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S.R. Grey is the author of the bestseller Harbour Falls and Willow Point, first and second books in A Harbour Falls Mystery series. She is also the author of I Stand Before You, the first novel in the new Judge Me Not series (New Adult/Contemporary Romance). 

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