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[Review] Dare You To - Katie McGarry

Released: May 28th, 2013

Beth Risk would do anything for her mother. Even if it means taking the fall for something she didn't do, and ending up in jail. She has always been the one responsible for her mother. This all changes the day her uncle swoops in, after abandoning her for so long, and forces her to choose between her mom and her own happiness. So, Beth finds herself trapped in a new life in a new city, where her aunt doesn't want her and where she goes to a school where no one understands her. Except for the one guy who shouldn't get her but does.

Ryan Stone has always been the perfect guy. He's the town's golden boy, a baseball star jock. You know, the popular kid. But he has secrets that he can't tell anyone. That includes his friends he shares everything with. He does dares with his friends all the time until they put the craziest one up: to ask out the Skater girl who couldn't be less interested in him.

What begins as a dare evolves into an intense attraction neither of them expected. Suddenly, the flawless boy risks everything he has for the girl he loves, and the girl who has walls as high as mountains is letting herself slowly fall...

This is another heartwarming and oh-so-romantic book by Katie McGarry. She brings us the sequel to Noah and Echo's story in Pushing The Limits with Beth and Ryan. I absolutely loved the book although, at times, I fell out of love with the characters. In my own personal opinion, the book reflects on how most teenagers act and think these days, how we can be impulsive, considerate, reckless. How we are just a big mash of emotions. I was sort of torn between really, really loving this book and sort of disliking it at some parts. Overall, it was a great book honestly.

Onto the characters then. Ryan started out horribly at first but that was his character. He was supposed to be the stereotypical jerk-slash-jock. But as the story unfolds, I fell irrevocably in love with Ryan. With his strength and determination. I mean, it takes a real man (and a lot of hard work) to put up with Beth. He was charming, tenacious, sweet.

On the other hand, Beth is almost the complete opposite. She's the entire blend of badass, stubborn, strong, sassy and vulnerable. I loved Beth initially because we can see how much she truly cared for her mom. But then I began to dislike her when she got just a little tiny bit reckless. In the end, I loved the character again.



About The Author:

Katie McGarry is a  young adult contemporary romance writer. She has written two novels for the Pushing The Limits series (Pushing The Limits and Dare You To) and a novella for its series too, called Crossing The Line. She loves music, happy endings, and reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan.
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